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 Hamba Kahle Transport Mobile is in the business that provides mobile spacing units furnished according to your specific requirements. The units are constructed of material that is durable and insulated and are essentially shells that can be altered to suit your needs from mobile site offices, classrooms housing and accommodation and even clinics! The unit can be divided into sections to create a multi-functional space.


The mobile units come standard with electrical wall plugs, led lighting and choice of flooring. Flooring options include: carpet, laminate, rubberized and vinyl.


Mobile unit sizes range from 12m x 3m, 6m x 3m and 18m x 3.5m. Our double wide units come in 7m x 7m size and can e customized according to your needs.


These units are available for rent or for sale and we also provide maintenance when necessary.


Our mobile units are delivered to your site by transport professionals that specialise in moving and transporting these mobile units to your site.


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